At, we believe that our LED lighting products will offer an excellent choice for your esteemed organization in providing illumination and brightness for both indoor and outdoor environment. We are among the top suppliers of LED Outdoor lights in Malaysia today where we have worked with some of the top players in the market.

Malaysia’s leading LED Display specialist

Our business philosophy is to be the premier supplier of LED-based products of the best quality with world-class services to our partners and clients. At LED, we are known for our quality in delivering the most relevant and functional products which are now used by some of the market leaders in their respective market segments. All our products are carefully selected so that they are relevant in the Malaysian market while we supply only those that are related and customized to our clients.

We offer our range of LED Outdoor lights which can be used in multiple types of outdoor environments. Below is the list of products we offer:

LED Street Light – This is the most common types of LED bulbs used outdoors. They are designed to be waterproof and are usually installed in high quantities. Our LED Street Lights are ideal for use on roads, streets and by many town planning committees as they are very durable, requires minimal maintenance and very energy efficient.

LED high bay light – The LED high bay light is a component which will be extremely ideal for use in places with high ceilings. This product is very commonly used in places like mullet-purpose halls, stadiums, arenas and factories. Our LED high bay light’s main advantage is that it offers high illumination while it is very low maintenance. As this component is installed in highly elevated areas, it would be inconvenient for maintenance and replacement which is very low with this component as it is designed to operate up to 8 times longer than conventional lighting modules.

LED Spotlight – The LED spotlight is a very efficient lighting module that can be used in large spaces like stadiums, billboards, buildings and for events as well. These bulbs are designed to offer extremely high brightness and are waterproof, making them ideal for use in any outdoor locations. On top of that, the LED spotlight is very energy efficient and requires very minimal maintenance.

LED Convergence light – The LED Convergence Light is a lighting option that offers a unique platform, combining different types of contemporary technologies. This component is offered through the use of LED lighting that can be controlled by a system that encapsulates contemporary platforms like HD (High Definition) security cameras and Wi-Fi connectivity for better management and operation.

Our LED Outdoor Lights

As we have been supplying LED components for many years to the top firms in various markets, we are committed to bring only the best quality LED products to our partners and clients. Our LED Outdoor lights are specifically selected to offer your organization only the best that include:

Aesthetic design – Our LED Outdoor lights are designed by the best and renowned designers in the market. We have a team of highly qualified and capable designers who will walk through with your good office on the best designs that will reflect your organisation’s identity while offering industry-standard illumination in the respective locations.

One of a kind – Our LED Outdoor Lights are specifically designed and made to suit a particular segment. Our designs and bulbs are one-of-a-kind and highly unique in the world offered only by us.

Patented design – All our designs are made by qualified designers where they are made to be used in specific locations. Whether it is an LED Street Light or the LED Spotlight, we ensure that our clients enjoy only the most unique and original lighting modules where all our components are patented in terms of design and functionality.

Brightness and Color – We use only the best brands in our LED components where all our products offer the best and most efficient brightness and color output.

Warranty – All our products, components, fixtures and modules come with 3 to 5 years warranty

Support – In order to ensure that our LED Outdoor lights operate at their optimal performance throughout the duration of their operational lifespan, our standby team is on standby at all times to offer any type of technical assistance and consultation where necessary. On top of that, our consultants will be constantly surveying the components to ensure that they are operating at their optimal performance at all times.

Our LED Screens

In LED technology, the advantages are unmatched as compared to other products or technologies before this. As experts in the field of LED components, we have the expertise and the technology know-how of installing small to large LED screens to many corporations and our partners. Our LED screens have been used in many areas of businesses that range from retail to marketing, ministries to firms in the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises).

In our line of business, we are fully committed in supplying only the best LED screens with cutting-edge technology which are durable, reliable and high performance.

Experience – As one of the major suppliers of LED screens in Malaysia, we have the experience of installing screens of every size. Our track record shows that we have installed multiple small screens, medium-scaled screens used for marketing and even the largest screens in the world that encapsulated an entire building.

Technical Know-How – As a requirement in our business, we are committed to provide the best resource and technical support to your partners. As such, we employ industry practitioners, qualified technical personnel and fully capable people so that you can enjoy the peace of mind when using our services.

Durability – Our LED screens are designed to be highly durable and reliable. We use only the best products for mounting of the screens only specific surfaces and walls. We have worked with several types of environments and we are aware of what material to use so that the LED screens are strongly mounted and firm while we conduct periodic checks on the screens as maintenance.

Design – We have a team of highly qualified designers who will work on the first and initial draft on the screens to reflect the overall corporate identity of your organization. We will ensure that the screens use only designs that are aesthetically pleasing as well as contemporary to reflect a positive and relevant outlook for your organsiation.

Workmanship – We practice a highly regulated quality system to ensure that our finished products and installations are of the best quality. Our workmanship is impeccably world-class where we have garnered recognition and acknowledgement in our past projects. In order to maintain the quality required, you will be consulted on the final outcome with your approval before the project is delivered.

Support services – We have a technical team on standby at all times to ensure that all your concerns and questions are answered pertaining to our LED screens. All our screens come with 2-years warranty which will include installation, components and maintenance.

Multiple uses – Our LED screens can be used for all purposes. Whether it is static information or a video, our screens are designed to play all types of digital media.

Brightness – Using LED technology, you can be assured of flicker-free and rich color brightness in our LED screens for up to 5 years. As your partner in this sector, we will conduct checks to ensure that the screens continue to operate at their optimal levels at all times.

Compatibility – Our LED screens are designed to be compatible for use in most of today’s technologies. You can now control the content of the screens using wireless or 3G technology which will be very convenient and more practical.

Why LED?

Our products will offer your organization with the following benefits:

Utility bills – Our LED products are designed to operate for a longer time as compared to conventional lighting modules which are more energy efficient. In the medium to long term, they will be able to save up to 50% in terms of electricity bills.

Maintenance – As our LED products are able to operate up to 8 times longer than traditional products, they require very minimal maintenance and as such, they do not require as frequent replacing of the components.