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BigBright is the leading supplier of LED Lighting products in Malaysia. We are the sole distributor of Rishang LED products and are constantly working with top manufacturers to bring only the best products to the market. Hence,...

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Products and Applications

We are committed to bring the best product offerings to our customers because that is our very philosophy in this business. Through our partnership with RS LED, the leading manufacturer of LED products from China through the...

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Outdoor fixtures and wall lights

Illumination in the outdoor of any premise is very important especially when it comes to gardens in homes and porches for buildings. This is because in offering the suitable type of lighting, it creates the right type of...

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Our Clients and Projects

At BigBright, we believe in bringing only the best and most effective products to our customers. Hence, when your business engages our product in lighting or advertising or for any other purposes, you can be assured of products...

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LED News, Expo and Events

It is very important for a leading brand like Rishang to be constantly the market so that the customer relationship is always enhanced and strengthened. In order to continuously be present in the market, Bigbright Malaysia is...

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BigBright Malaysia is the leading LED lighting supplier in the country. We are known across the country for our value that we bring to our customers. Our products are sourced from the top manufacturers and we are proud to be the...

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