BigBright Malaysia is the leading LED lighting supplier in the country. We are known across the country for our value that we bring to our customers. Our products are sourced from the top manufacturers and we are proud to be the sole distributor of Rishang LED lighting modules in Malaysia. Through this arrangement, we have a commitment to supply the market with Rishang LED lighting products using our unique marketing and distribution programme.

We would like to invite your esteemed company to join our family of distributors for your region. In this agreement, we will work together to build the Rishang LED brand in the market to become the leading brand for lighting.

As our distributor for Rishang in Malaysia, your business will grow faster and stronger. This is because we provide you with a lot of assistance in helping you to manage your inventory. Among our offerings are:

Commitment to sales – We are aware of your commitment to us and we will put initiative to assist you in managing your inventory of our Rishang range more efficiently.

Marketing and Promotions – We will pledge a total of up to 5% of your monthly commitment as Marketing Fund. This will be used to advertise the Rishang lighting products with contact information of resellers, distributors and retailers of our products.

Technical Support and Warranty – We will be responsible in offering you with technical support which will be extended to your resellers as well. Where necessary, we will provide product demonstration as well as training and briefing if needed. Meanwhile, we will honor all our warranties with one to one exchange with no questions asked.

Price Protection – As we are the sole distributor of Rishang products in Malaysia, you can be guaranteed of price protection. When you are our distributor, you are enjoying the lowest price available in Malaysia.