Mean-well LED Power Supply
September 5, 2015
Lighting project design & consulting
January 10, 2016
As the leading agency and supplier of LED technology in Malaysia, offers a wide range of services and devices which can be used in your businesses. Our products are specifically designed and customized to suit your business needs where necessary and required. As we are the only few in Malaysia who provides custom-made LED products, we ensure that our products will benefit your business in every way possible. One of the major areas where our LED products can help in your business is in the architectural entertainment and decorative lighting segment. This is where we apply LED technology into areas of our clients’ businesses where they can enjoy better clarity, brightness and in a long-run more cost-savings. Among the products that our LEDs can be used are:

Floodlights, wall-washers, battens

Marker lights, uplights

Moving head projectors

Panels/tiles with LED backlighting

TV, film & stage lighting

Floodlights, wall-washers, battens Our LED products are ideal for use as floodlights as they are very bright when lighted up at night. They are specially designed to be used outdoors which can withstand all types of weather conditions. Meanwhile, the LED lights can be used as wall-washers. This can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our LED wall-washers can be customized to suit the design of your choice, using the colour combinations that are best suited for the wall you plan to install. If required, we can supply and install our LED battens which are strips of LED lights that come in different colours, commonly used underneath roofs to create a soothing ambience. On top of that, you can choose and control the lighting in terms of intensity, colour schemes and other factors remotely where needed.

Marker lights, uplights Marker lights are very useful lighting devices that can be used as indicator or for showing a direction for the public. This is a very common lighting solution which is popularly adopted in entertainment outlets like clubs and cinemas. If required, we have the expertise and the resources to install LED market lights in your premises. On top of that, this category of products includes the use of LED uplights as well. Our LEDs are sourced only from the best manufacturers and then customized for your needs. Hence, you can be sure of our LED uplights which can be made in several colour choices to create the most suitable environment for your business.

Moving head projectors For a vibrant and dynamic entertainment environment, your business will benefit through the use of our LED Moving Head Projectors. This product comes in various sizes and colours for you to choose from. Using LED technology, it will be very bright, attractive and definitely cost-effective as our LEDs are known to be very energy-efficient. Panels/tiles with LED backlighting If you want to create a conducive business environment, you will need to adopt a modern and attractive space. Through our panels and tiles with LED backlighting, you can now enjoy the most aesthetically pleasing spaces to serve your customers. This will create a modern and contemporary architectural design while striking the best first impression with your partners and customers who patronage your premises.

TV, film & stage lighting If your business is in the entertainment industry, you will surely benefit greatly from the use of LED products. We have the expertise and technology to provide LED products used in television, film and stage lighting environments. All our LED products can be customized and designed for a specific use. They can be both static and dynamic while being mobilized to different locations as well. Through our LED TV, Film and Stage Lighting category, you can enjoy the best quality of LEDs which are cost-effective, energy-efficient and surely low-cost which in a long run will benefit your organization in many ways.