No one knows lighting systems like we do because we have been in this market for more than 15 years now. Over the years, we have worked with and collaborated with major partners and leading corporations in countless projects involving lighting, advertising and marketing in these areas.

One of our latest additions to our product lines to complement our already reputable list is in media façade lighting. This type of lighting is perfect for media advertising especially among building owners and operators of large structures.

In media façade lighting, a large screen can be mounted onto the outer fascia of the building where it can be used to stream real time or recorded videos or images mainly for advertising and promotions. This is one area which will require a lot of expertise and specialization.

At, no project is too small or too big for us. We have designed dozens of buildings and mounted media façade lighting for them in these projects. As such, we have cultivated a lot of specialization in these areas.

In order to complete those projects, we have employed some of the best technical experts to ensure that the lighting functions at their optimal levels. Our projects have been running effectively and at the highest impact both within Malaysia and abroad with advertisers enjoying the highest impact from this media.

Our technical skills have been impeccable and excellent with reliability and high quality products being our top commitment. When we design the media façade lighting, we focus very much not only on the functional aspect of the screens but from the artistic and innovation perspective as well. This means that a building with our media façade lighting will enjoy more impressions as it becomes more attractive and captivating to the general public. This means that it will be an ideal media for advertisers as the messages can be seen and viewed from a distance and to a very wide radius in the surrounding areas of the building.

Our technology partners include top manufacturers from Germany and China, making our products very cost effective and convenient. When we work with our partners, our main priority is to use only the best and latest technology which does not outdate. We find only the highest quality of products which can be used in all types of environments as the façade will be exposed to rain and shine, throughout the day.

We have worked in many projects in these areas in which our building lighting systems are now being used and adopted by many large corporations around the country. Among the features of our Façade lighting include:

Proven track record

– We have been involved in designing many lighting systems for buildings and structures. Through this experience, we have been involved in deriving all types of customized and tailor-made systems for buildings of different sizes. This includes large buildings and structures that include stadiums as well as smaller commercial centers.


– In order to bring the most effective lighting systems to our clients, we use only the best and latest technologies from Germany and China. This includes the use of LED systems as well as proprietary applications that can be installed to control the Façade lighting decides.


– Our involvement in the deriving of lighting systems for building starts from the initial discussions stages. We have a team of highly trained engineers and technical staff who will assist you in the designing of the lighting devices. From there, they will be involved in every stage of the process which will include evaluation of the locations, installation of the systems as well as testing. After that, they will then be involved with the maintenance and on-site support if needed to ensure you enjoy the peace of mind in using our products.

Feel free to contact us for Media Façade and DMX lighting design and architecture. We are experts in this field.

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