At BigBright, we believe in bringing only the best and most effective products to our customers. Hence, when your business engages our product in lighting or advertising or for any other purposes, you can be assured of products of the best quality.

Over the years, BigBright has worked with and collaborated with some of the top names and leaders of the industries. This is because our lighting and signage products carry a reputation for reliability, quality and performance.

Our range of LED lighting products are used in all types of spaces be it private homes or corporate areas and this covers a wide range of business areas. We have supplied lighting products to new property developments as well as to current business owners.

Known for its cost benefits and energy efficiency, our lighting range are used in small to large businesses where they are installed for signage of retail outlets and shopping malls and at mega structures like airports and skyscrapers. Among the large corporations that we have worked with include industry giants like Citibank, Microsoft, BMW, McDonalds’ and many more who use our lighting range for marketing, signage and space illumination.

Apart from that, we have been in specialized projects like live performance events and concerts and roadshows in which our products were used to create special effects and in spot lights. Our brand is used by major media owners like billboards, in tall buildings as well as in public transportation and furniture like highways, major roads and on vehicles.