Digital Signage Media Players • Runs on industry ready systems • Full High-Definition (HD) • Durable and reliable • Works around the clock • Compatible • Small in size • Mountable to most televisions

Runs on industry ready systems

Our Digital Signage Media Players are designed and made to run on industrial ready systems. They run on Intel processor computers which makes them easy to use and install. All that is required is basic computing knowledge and you are ready to operate these players to work with other systems. By using this technology, our media players are easy to operate and can deliver most of the functions that you will require it to do.

Full High-Definition (HD)

All our products are manufactured using the latest and modern technologies. The Digital Signage Media product is designed to channel out full High-Definition (HD) technology output. This means that by connecting the media player, you will enjoy crystal-clear and content rich audio, video and images. This will create a reputable impression for your business among your customers.

Durable and reliable

The Digital Signage Media is made to be very robust and strong. Using the best material to manufacture, we have sourced through our partners from countries like Korea and China which will allow you to operate this unit for a long time. This makes the unit ideal for use both indoors and outdoors which are best for advertising display.

Works around the clock

We ensure that the Digital Signage Media product is able to deliver the services that you require. Through this, you can be assured that the product will operate and function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without fail. All our products come with warranty where we will replace any parts which malfunctions or faulty.


The Digital Signage Media Player is designed through industry available guidelines. This means that they are compatible to work with most machines in the market today like televisions and other media players. This will give you the option to plug-and-play which is easy to install and operate.

Small in size

This product is very versatile. The Digital Signage Media Player allows you to control the system easily where you can access through a wireless connection. It is small in size and can be hidden from sight for a more professional look and design.

Mountable to most televisions

A specially designed bracket is included in the Digital Signage Media Player which will allow you to mount the unit to most television sets. Using our own proprietary technology, the media player can be easily attached to any panel and can be dismounted without much complication.