The Intelligent Control System is a modern and unique computerized system aimed at providing better control and management for space owners especially when it comes to location with a lot of lighting options.

This system provides the space owner to coordinate and carry out any changes to the lighting of the space without having to manually adjust or make any replacement. Controlling of lighting can involve the lights of intensity, switching on and off and other configurations.

Basically, using the Intelligent Lighting Control system provide you with the option and to manage your devices from a centralized location, enabling you to better manage your resources and to ensure that no energy is wasted. Below are some characteristics of this system.

Easier control – Using a centralized location, the Intelligent Lighting Control System gives you the flexibility to install into a remote computer. This is where you can now carry out the adjustments in terms of lighting intensity, lighting colours and other features from the touch of a button.

Connection with device types – the Intelligent Lighting Control System is designed to work with most commercially available lighting devices in the market today. This means that they are able to connect and work with conventional lamps, LED lights, fluorescent or incandescent lamps as well as lights that are installed and used in signage or banners.

Multi-platform – the Intelligent Lighting Control System is developed to run on most available platforms today. They are designed to operate on the likes of Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS which are widely used in computers today. Apart from that, this system comes with a mobile platform-enabled version where you can now control your lighting options through the click of your smartphones.

Suitable for any sizes – whether you are managing the lighting systems of a home, a condominium or even a stadium, the Intelligent Lighting Control System is ideal for use in any scale. This means that it can be installed and operated to manage the lights in any environment.

Scheduling – By providing smart scheduling functions, you can now determine the best time to switch on or switch off any lights from any locations within the control of this application. The scheduling option provides you with the means to be able to operate these appliances from a remote location thereby eliminating the conventional way of physically switching the devices.

Smart detection – To help you to save on energy costs and overheads, there is a smart detection of the lighting devices. This is where the sensor will detect if that if a particular location do not need the lights, it will switch them off automatically. This means that the sensor will detect if there are ample lights in the space before invoking the function so that you need not have to be concerned about energy wastage.

Easy to use – the system is designed to provide the most user-friendly interface so that the owner can easily manage the devices once they are installed. A touch-screen version is available which can be used in tablets and specially designed computers.