So you have a business or a company and have been considering using LED screens in your premises. With so many choices out there in the market today, which type of LED panels would best suit your needs?
One of the major advantages of using LED screens is that they are highly visible and very captivating. They can be seen even under the direct sunlight from up to 500 meters away depending on the height that the panels are elevated. This makes them very suitable to be used by public businesses like shopping centres and office buildings.

There are a few factors that you must consider when choosing the right LED for your premises. This varies between all the different manufacturers and suppliers of LED devices which mean that you need to know what you want before deciding to use this media. They can be coined together


When it comes to location, you must determine where you want to mount the LEDs. They can be used both indoor and outdoor which will then determine how you will be mounting them. For those that are used outdoor, LEDs would usually be installed on a pole or onto walls. Meanwhile, those that are used indoor are usually mounted onto walls or onto special frames along corridors and locations that have high foot traffic.

Size of the Screen

Unlike television (even LED TVs), LED screens do not come in standard sizes. Instead, they are usually customized to suit a certain location. This is actually very beneficial as you can determine the size based on your actual business premise. LEDs are built from smaller modules and in determining the size of the screen; you must first consider the viewing distance for the audience. To do this, you need to see where is the farthest location the viewer will be and then decide on the screen which should be about half the minimum viewing distance as well as about 1/10 of the maximum distance.


The resolution of the screen is important which will be determined by the distance. If you are going to place the LED on a higher position, then lower resolution ones will do as people will be viewing them from afar. This type of screens will not be suitable if you are indoor because the nearer you are, the larger the dots will be. For those which will be in close proximity, LEDs of higher resolution will be more suitable.

Variable Light Intensity

Variable light intensity will help you to save on running costs. This option is included where you can adjust the screen’s brightness accordingly to suit the conditions of the environment so that they do not have to be too bright at night and be brighter during the day.