Category: LED Lighting Guide

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Air-Conditioner requirement for LED display

It is compulsary to have an aircond system for LED displays in order for the screen to function at all times. In fact, for screens that are mounted outdoors, keeping the panels cool at all times would be vital to avoid...

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LED Time Lapse

When it comes to lighting, the time taken to illuminate the entire tube or bulb is very important. This will affect the outcome of the lighting device in many ways because it will determine how long it takes before the intended...

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LED Source

One of the amazing factors about LED is that they are able to produce a variety of colors which are bright and clear. Unlike conventional lighting devices, LED is able to mix and combine various shades of colors as they have a...

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LED Sensing Distance

The Sensing Distance of a LED module refers to the device which detects the surrounding and other external factors of the module. This is an important feature of the LED module because it will be activated to ensure better...

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The Epistar company is one of the major manufacturers of LED (Light-Emitting Diode) devices in the market today. The company started in 1996 by a group of visionaries who predicted that the future for LED and solid state...

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LED display software

Managing LED display devices can be a very challenging task as you need ensure that the appropriate modules are illuminated and switched off at the correct time and in the suitable configurations. In order to manage this...

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CRI (Color Rending Index)

CRI is a very common term used in LED lighting. It refers to the Color Rending Index of a certain bulb. This is among the many types of measuring units that are commonly used in the many types of lighting devices available in...

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Viewing Angle

In LEDs, the viewing angle element is one of the most vital factors because this determines how and where a specific panel can be mounted. As the name implies, the Viewing Angle is the best direction where the panel can be fully...

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When it comes to lighting, the luminosity plays an important role. Luminous power is often referred to as luminous flux and it is where one measures the perceived power of light of a certain device. Each lighting device will...

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