As one of the leading suppliers of LED technology lighting products in Malaysia and the surrounding region, continues to bring the best technologies and solutions for our customers. Over the past few years, we have been a strong advocate of LED technologies to be used in the advertising and marketing field while we have expanded these products to offer them to other business sectors like education, entertainment as well as in architecture and interior design. Through the use of LED technology, our partners have benefited through a lot of cost-savings and better media projection in their campaigns and general running of businesses. We have continued to bring and offer the best solutions to our partners and customers through our wide range of lighting products that use LED technology. In our general lighting category, we supply products, although not limited to in the following areas:

  • Custom luminaire manufacturing
  • Emergency & security lighting
  • Indoor: color-controlled luminaires
  • Indoor: desk/task lighting
  • Indoor: recessed downlights
  • Indoor: spotlights & pendant luminaires
  • Indoor: under-cabinet lighting
  • LED replacement lamps (fluorescent and incandescent)

Custom luminaire manufacturing
This is by far one of the most demanded services and products in our LED lighting category. We provide customized lighting manufacturing to help illuminate spaces in our partner’s business premises. This is a carefully and articulately carried out process in which our interior designers will first identify the spaces that needs to be lighted using LED technology. After that, the design and initial proposal will be submitted. Only when the final draft is approved and agreed by our partners would the LED lights be installed. This would provide the relevant illumination and lighting solution that will create the ambience and appropriate environment for your business.  

Emergency & security lighting
The use of emergency and security lighting has become more relevant and important today than before. This is because customers are more concerned and aware of safety when they are patronizing places like shopping malls and entertainment outlets. Therefore, it is imperative that sufficient lighting that are effective and bright enough are used, especially in dark spaces like car parks and such. The use of LED lighting technology for emergency and security is an ideal option as they are very energy-efficient while discharging very bright beams. Apart from used in emergency and security lighting for buildings, this product can be used in homes and personal spaces as well.  

Indoor: color-controlled luminaires
Our color-controlled luminaires are very effective products that can be used in different spaces and locations. Through this product, you will be able to create a good ambient for different purposes. Ideal for use for entertainment and stage shows, you can control the lighting intensity and the colors that are projected through this product.  

Indoor: desk/task lighting
Where this is concerned, our LEDs can be used for the purpose of creating a productive working environment. The Desk/Task Lighting product is specifically designed to offer your business with a few options that can produce an environment with the right ambience for your work. We supply LED lights to be used on desks which are very bright and energy efficient. The brightness can be controlled by the user to suit their preferences. Using LED technology, your business will enjoy better cost savings in a long run. On the other hand, our LED lights can be used to illuminate the entire office space. You can now replace the conventional fluorescent lights with our LED products which in a long run will offer you better savings in terms of cost and a brighter and more professional working environment.  

Indoor: recessed downlights
Recessed downlights are commonly used in interior design as they provide the cosmetic makeup of a space. Using LED technology, our recessed downlights can be customized and designed to fit into your business premises. They are ideal for use along staircases as a string of illuminators while the Recessed Downlights can be used in spaces where you do not need too much light.

Indoor: spotlights & pendant luminaires
Instead of using chandeliers which are costly and difficult to maintain, you can now choose to use LED pendant luminaires. We provide many types of pendant luminaires that you can choose from to fit into the space you desire. This can be used in both private and public spaces where you can create an elegant yet effective space. Our pendant luminaires are made and conceptualized by our team of highly qualified designers who bring with them years of experience in interior design and architecture. Apart from choosing from our collection of pendant luminaire designs, we are always open to suggestions and discussions to create designs of your choice. This category of LED lighting products includes spotlights as well. Using energy-efficient and cost-saving LEDs, we manufacture and design spotlights of different shapes and sizes that can be used for product demonstration, illumination of space and other purposes in your organization.

Indoor: under-cabinet lighting
Under-cabinet lighting is most commonly used in interior design where they create a good ambience of the space. In this context, our interior design team has been using LED lighting technology in many under-cabinet lighting projects for our partners where they have produced some of the most aesthetically pleasing environments ever since. You can now enjoy a professional and suitable environment through the use of under-cabinet lighting solutions using LED technology which can be applied in your retail outlets, signage or any other spaces that you require.  

LED replacement lamps (fluorescent and incandescent)
The advantages of using LED technology in general lighting is limitless if you are to compare them with conventional technology like fluorescent and incandescent lights. This is because LED technology, apart from being the most current and contemporary type was designed and manufactured to overcome the limitations of the traditional option. Today, LEDs can be used to replace fluorescent and incandescent bulbs as they do not consume as much energy. This would be translated into a lot of cost savings in the long run where you will be paying lesser in terms of bills. On top of that, LED lights are known to be brighter as compared to their traditional counterparts. We can help your business to enjoy these benefits in replacing your current fluorescent and incandescent lights to LEDs through our highly qualified and experienced technical team.