Suitable for 6~16cm [2.4~6.3in] depth signs such
as the channel letter, metal letter, light box and so on.

1. 5050SMD LED mounted;
2. Maximum module quantity per string up to 20pcs;
3. Waterproof with ABS housing & Epoxy sealed;
4. Certification: UL (UL file # E340368), RoHS .

1. Adhesive tape backing on modules used as an
installation aid only, permanent adhesion is
done with screws;
2. Single module as a unit can be cut.

3 years or 13,000 hours, whichever come first.
Profile Drawings: 

① Testing environment temperature: 25±2℃ [77±3.6℉]
② The above data are typical values; the actual data of each single product could differ from the typical values.
The data subject to change without prior notice.

LED Module for projects
There are many options in LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting which can be further compounded into possibilities which depend on the space and illumination required. This is mainly because LED lights are very versatile where they can be customized for locations of varying shapes and sizes.

In most cases, this configuration comes in the form LED modules where they are perceived in panels. LED lights are very energy efficient. They are designed to fully utilize the energy from the current being channeled through totally for illumination purposes.

In doing so, LED lights consume lesser energy as compared to other forms of lighting. LED modules refer to panels in which they can either be used independently or collectively to form a larger screen. Among the benefits of this products are as below:

Varying sizes

By combining multiple LED modules together, a larger screen can be derived to project more image and text. This is very suitable for signage, front door promotions as well as in roadshows.


LED modules can be designed to project either one or multiple colors. This is mainly provided for by the color combination from the bulbs that they are designed for.


When multiple LED modules are combined, they can be integrated to form a single large screen. The circuits can be easily combined and mounted together to do this flawlessly and smoothly when projected.


LED lights are known to offer better lighting and brightness as compared to the conventional bulbs. On top of that, LED modules are able project lights further and offer more constant and even illumination. In the process of doing so, LED lights do not emit as much heat and as such, the space do not require as much power from the cooling system which in the long run would offer more cost savings in terms of utility bills.