517.5*27.5mm, 5pcs XB-D LED, monochromatic, lens technology, non-waterproof with bare
board, constant current, DC24V, rigid LED light

Non-waterproof products, suitable for indoor single-sided light box of
no more than 200cm [78.74in] width and 8-20cm[3.15~7.87] depth and
14-40[5.51~15.75]cm depth double-sided light box, also can be used in
outdoor waterproof light box.

1. Luminous efficacy up to 97 lm/W with high power Cree LED
2. Uniform illumination on the face of light box with tens technology;
3. Energy efficient and environment-friendly with brightness adjustable
design, optimized brightness can be achieved at different time;
4. CE certificated, RoHS compliant and UL94 V-2 flame-retardant

Initially fixed with double-sided adhesive tape and further secure with
self-provided screws.

5 years or 22,000 hours, whichever come first

Product Dimensions
Units: mm [in]

Light Distribution

Using LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting has many advantageous. This technology is one of the most preferred platforms for many lighting solutions today mainly because of its energy efficiency and cost benefits of the long term. By allowing the space owner to save up to 50% of electricity bills per month, LED lighting has become an industry standard in recent years, often being regarded as the future of lighting in all types of spaces.

One of the significant factors of LED lighting is in its customization. There are many different types of components available in LED lighting ranging from the design to the energy consumption where among them is the LED rigid bar. As the name implies, the LED rigid bar is not as versatile as the likes of LED strips. Despite this, the LED rigid bar can still be used in many different locations and spaces where it is specifically designed for.

Sizes and lengths

LED rigid bars come in many different sizes and lengths. Depending on the location or space that needs to be illuminated, there are many options available for the rigid bars. Using LED rigid bars would mean customizing the length of the bar to be installed.


Similarly to other LED modules, the LED Rigid bar can be designed to produce either one single color or many colors. Combination of the colors would produce richer schemes and shades as well. This can be easily installed and mounted onto the walls and are ideally used as wall-washers and in enclosures between walls and the ceilings.


The advantage of using LED rigid bar is that because all the bulbs are mounted in a linear form, the brightness will be the most constant. Unlike LED strips, rigid bars are designed with a constant gap between all the bulbs as well as between bars.