Managing LED display devices can be a very challenging task as you need ensure that the appropriate modules are illuminated and switched off at the correct time and in the suitable configurations. In order to manage this efficiently, functional and user friendly software must be developed so that you can organize the tasks more effectively and that you won’t face any major difficulties along the way.
As one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of LED products, we design and develop the most capable and user-friendly LED display software so that you can easily control and operate your LED lighting modules installed around your business or private premises.

Over the years, we have supplied LED products to manufacturers and signage makers which are bundled with customized software for them. Apart from that, our products are acquired by interior designers and lighting companies in which they require highly sophisticated programs to manage these panels. Therefore, we bring with us many years of experience in developing LED display software that can cater to your needs.
In order to bring you the best products, our LED display software are designed to be:


We ensure that our software is easy to use and highly functional. Anyone who has previous experience in working with computers will be able to use our LED display software as they are developed using the most commercial platform.


You will be able to manage your own schedules through our LED display software. With our software, you can now determine and activate when a certain module will be illuminated and how. This is a feasible option for buildings and large scale LED modules where you might need to have only certain parts of the building illuminated at certain times of the day.

Remote Access

For more convenience and function, our LED software can be controlled from your remote computer or smartphone. This means that you will be able to access the system and make any changes needed.
Adjustments – This is one of the most important elements of our LED display software. You can make adjustments in terms of brightness, contrast, colour balance and other elements to the LED devices. This can be done both either directly on the computer of the panel or through your remote device.


As our software is designed to function on most commercially available platforms like Microsoft Windows, they can be customized to suit your business needs. This is because the configuration of every business location is different and hence, we ensure that the software can be used both indoor and outdoor for your convenience.

Various scales

Our LED display software is designed to manage modules of any scale. As we have developed and installed LED lighting in different environments that range from homes to large buildings, you can now control all your LED devices on your fingertips without having to physically be at the location.


All our products come with warranty and training where we will ensure that you are able to manage the software efficiently before signing off. Once that is done, we will be maintaining the system throughout the warranty period for your peace of mind.