The Bigbright LED T8 tube is an ideal replacement for the current fluorescent tubes. Using LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, the LED T8 Tubes are a perfect fit to provide ample and constant lighting to your rooms, spaces and other spaces which will require very minor adjustments to the current setup.

Bigbright tubes are designed to be offer warm white lights which are ideal to be used both indoor and outdoor. Coming in standard sizes as it is with conventional tubes, Bigbright LED T8 Tubes can be used for meeting rooms and offices as they provide flicker-free illumination as well as constant and even brightness and lighting.

Bigbright LED T8 Tubes do not emit as much heat as conventional lighting which will be an added advantage for corporate offices and businesses especially in terms of overheads. By releasing lesser heat, the spaces will not need to use as much air-conditioning which forms the bulk of electricity bills.

LED lights are able to operate for longer hours and this means they require lesser replacement and maintenance. Bigbright LED T8 Tube offers long operational hours which come with 3 years warranty. The constant current driver regulates the electricity to ensure that the illumination is always consistent and brightness spread evenly around the surface below.

The design of this tube is made with an alloy aluminum housing that channels heat away in the most efficient way possible. Apart from that, it offers high luminous flux which means that your space will be brightened up tremendously using Bigbright LED T8 Tubes. They are able to save energy of up to 80% and would be ideal to be installed in large spaces like hospitals, offices and in parking lots where brightness is an important factor. Bigbright LED T8 Tubes are CE certified, RoHS compliant and passes all required quality standard.