Our LED Trucks is an excellent option if you desire the best exposure and impact for your brand. Designed and made using LED screens of the best quality, we are second to none when it comes LED Trucks because we have an established reputation in the advertising and marketing industry and a proven track record in offering only the best media choices for your organization. At Advertising.my, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced people who will give you the best option for your outdoor marketing needs. We are highly professional and can offer you any technical support when you use our LED trucks. As such, you will expect to enjoy top-notch after-sales service from us at all times. Our LED Trucks are designed to be attractive and captivating, garnering high ad-views at any mobile location the go. The LED screens are installed and managed with user-friendly systems that allow you the best control over the content displayed.

Outdoor Digital Screen with an impact

advertising-led-truck-trailersAll our trucks and systems come with the latest cutting-edge technology which is current and of the best quality. Our LED Trucks are specifically designed for all outdoor purposes that can be catered to suit any of your requirements. They are perfect for events like roadshows, exhibitions and carnivals which can stream digital video with high impact. They can be used for weddings and all types of ceremonies as well as in tourist locations. They can be used for outdoor shows like concerts and has been used by some of the top performances around the country.

These mobile LED Trucks are used around the venue to display real-time performance for those who are too far from the stage. In fact, our LED Trucks have been used for outdoor movie screenings, competitions and contests before with excellent results. Mobile advertising would be a perfect reason to use our LED Trucks. Whether it is an on-going promotion or a brand awareness campaign, our LED Trucks can be used to travel to countless location throughout the day so that your brand is seen and heard among your target market. Apart from that, the LED Trucks can be used for ad-hoc announcements or dissemination of any specific information to a specific group or community.

Types of LED Trucks

We have 4 main types of LED trucks, all of which can be used and tailored for your advertising and marketing needs.

Truck Series

Our LED Truck Series are designed to be extremely mobile where the screens are mounted onto a lorry-type of vehicle. These screens can be assigned to travel to any locations of your choice and comes in many sizes and specifications. The LED Trucks Series come with 3-sided screens which means your message can be seen by a large audience group around the vehicle.

Trailer Series

Our LED Trailer Series are mounted with larger screens as compared to our Truck Series. Installed firmly onto the back of a trailer –sized container, the LED screen can be detached to be used as a stand-alone LED screen. This option is ideal to be used at outdoor performances like concerts as the screens can be fitted onto a unipole and elevated above the ground level for exposure to the audience below.

Mini LED Truck Series

Our Mini LED Truck Series are specially designed to be extremely mobile and environmental friendly. Ideal for use in short distance travelling distances, the Mini LED Truck is installed with 3-sided LED screens which is best used for community-based messages and announcements.

Hydraulic LED Truck

The Hydraulic LED Truck series is an option if you want to operate a mobile LED screen which can be converted into a Unipole LED billboard at the location of your choice. All you need to do is to place the truck at the location and the screen can be elevated high above ground level and enjoy the highest exposure among your target group in the surrounding area.