P10 LED display screens are one of the most common types of LED screens that are mainly used for the outdoors. This type of screens provides a great choice when it comes to advertising and promotions especially in places with a lot of crowd and traffic. As the P10 LED screens are designed to be used outside the premises, they are very bright and can be very effective if deployed well. The full color display has rich color balance that can attract attention and viewers to what is being played. In most cases, P10 LED screens must be made with very high brightness as they are designed to play throughout the day and night while ensuring that they are able to withstand any type of weather conditions. They are usually made with full color or tricolor, using the composition concept of Red, Green and Blue colors respectively. The features of the P10 LED screens can be described as follow:
Supports most media types

– as with most LED screens, the P10 is designed to recognize and read most media types available in the market. This means that most video, audio and text files can be displayed and stream through this screen.
Ideal for outdoor environments

– this type of panels are most suitable for advertising on the outdoors like public parks, along streets, on buildings and such where there are high traffic of passer-bys or vehicles as they are designed to capture attention. Apart from that, they can be used in entertainment outlets, outside of buildings and even as digital billboards.

– the P10 LED screen can be customized and fitted in locations of your choice. There are many choices in terms of size and shapes of the screens which can be designed to suit your business needs.
Clear and viewing angle

– the technology used to design the P10 LED screen ensures that the viewing angle will not compromise the image quality. This means that the viewer is able to see what is being displayed despite coming from different directions. On top of that, the P10 LED screens are designed to be very bright during the day, eliminating the problem of glare from sunlight while it is even brighter at night.
Strong housing and cabinet

– a strong cabinet is made to house the P10 LED screen as it is intended to operate throughout the day under different types of weather conditions come rain or shine.