P10 Outdoor LED Display Screen
January 10, 2016
P5 SMD 1 In 1 Indoor LED Display Screen
January 10, 2016
The P6 LED module is one of the many choices that you can consider in picking the right type of LED module either for your business or retail outlet. This version provides you with one of the choices of LED that can be mounted indoors easily. P6 LED displays are usually very slim and lightweight. This makes them very easy to be installed and brought around. The light cabinet-like design makes the P6 LED module very organically fitted into most spaces, making them ideal choices for advertising and promotions, especially in retail outlets.

Easy to install

– The P6 LED module can be easily installed where they are designed to easily fit in most places. They can be customized in terms of the size to fit in the area of your choice. Strong and robust – the LED module can be protected using a die-cast aluminum or steel casing which can withstand heat or other extreme weather conditions. This will ensure that the heat dissipation problem is solved as well. We can help you to build and design a custom-made casing to house the P6 LED module to ensure safety and minimize on wear and tear.

High refresh rate

– With a high refresh rate that can go up to 1,000Hz, the image and videos projected through the P6 LED module is very clear and reaches its optimum very quickly.

Various viewing angle

– The P6 LED module is able to provide viewing angles of up to 120 degrees. This is applicable for both horizontal and vertical angles which means that the viewer will be able to see what is being displayed from any acute angle.

Colour control and balance

– The P6 LED screen allows you to control the colour easily. This include controlling of the color balance, intensity and any other elements to ensure maximum impact of the videos and images.

Suitable for high-traffic indoor areas

– This high resolution enabled LED screen is one of the best choices when used indoors making them very ideal for places with high traffic. You can use the P6 LED module in places like entertainment outlets, clubs, pubs, casinos, cinemas and such as they are very bright and very efficient.

Supports most media files

You can easily manage the type of files to be played on the P6 LED module as they are designed to recognize most commercial available files. This includes video files like MOV, AVI, MP4 and others, image files like JPEG, GIF and BMP and audio files like MP3, WMA and others.