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January 10, 2016
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January 10, 2016
Modern business requires modern selling methods. We are here to help Malaysian businesses to expand businesses through the most current and cutting-edge methods in advertising through LED technology. is a leading supplier of custom-made LED advertising board and has been leader in this segment for many years. We have supplied LED advertising digital boards to countless clients and customers in Malaysia and Australia which have produced remarkable results. LED advertising digital boards have become not only the latest but one of the most effective methods of advertising and signboards for businesses around the world. has been at the forefront of supplying these services since it was first introduced and today, we are one of the main suppliers and designers of LED advertising digital boards to our customers in Malaysia and Australia.

LED Digital signages are very popular today because they are more volatile than conventional signages. They can be customized in many ways and changed accordingly to suit the needs of your business. This means that apart from only displaying the name of the premises, LED digital screens can also display messages on an ad-hoc or as-and-when-needed basis.

This is an ideal tool which can be used by your business to display messages like promotions, free-gifts and any other information relevant for the customer at any time of your choice. This advantage in the digital boards or screen make them highly suitable for businesses with retail outlets like restaurants, shopping malls, transit hubs, sports venues as well as in exhibitions and festivals.

On top of that, LED digital boards are easy to use while the sizes are also easily customizable. LED screen's brightness is adjustable and you can also choose between single, triple or full coloured boards. It is not necessary to have a computer or any other device to control the messages displayed as led screen can be configured to be Plug-and-Play and supports USB cards as well as all photo and video file formats.

As an expert in the supplying of the LED digital advertising boards, will be able to help your business to grow by leaps and bounds by using this cutting-edge technology in delivering timely and accurate information to your customers. We can offer you the best choices in terms of configuration, method of display and any other consultation advice you will need to fully leverage on LED technology. We will fully customize our products for the benefit of your business and it is our objective to grow your reach and business expansion.

Feel free to call us for trade quotes. We have sold and installed dozens of LED display boards in Malaysia and Australia which include the biggest LED screen in the world.

Product Range

1Price calculation for LED screen or LED display in Malaysia
You would know by now the advantages of having an LED screen or LED display for your advertising needs. The common misconception about using your own LED screens is that it is expensive. This is mainly because the screens ‘look’ expensive. However, that is not always the case because while LED screens do look expensive, it really depends on 2 main factors before you can decide if its too costly for you. The 2 factors that you need to consider are:

The total size of the screen and

The resolution


Obviously, the larger the total size of the LED would mean it would cost more. The good thing about LED screens is that they can be custom-fitted to the space you want to mount the display. This means that the size can be tailored to your specific needs. This is usually calculated through a multiplication of $ per square meter. Depending on the quality and purpose of the screen, the rates would be different.


This relates to the quality of the image that will be displayed. It must be noted that if you are looking for high clarity with very rich colours, then you will need a screen with high resolution. This is usually calculated in terms of pixels. The more pixels your screen has, the clearer your image or video will be. When there are more pixels, more LED lights will be needed to fit into the screen, which will then result in higher cost for the display. You will find that the best way to go around working on this is to first identify the place or spot within your business location that you want to install the LED screen. Make sure that it is one which is easily seen and very visible. Once you have done that, you can start working out the requirements. Take note that LED screens can be used both indoors and outdoors but they will be installed differently. If you are putting it outside, clarity will be very important while the mounting must be made more durable to withstand rain or shine. For LED screens mounted indoors, you need to determine the distance that the viewer will be standing in order to see your ads clearly.
2Semi-Transparent LED Displays
The use of LED technology for traditional lighting purposes has grown in popularity in recent years. This is because businesses and consumers are aware of the benefits and cost-savings that come with this technology. Among the known facts about LED technology is that they do not consume as much as energy as conventional lighting solutions. The advancement of LED technology has allowed businesses to further enhance their business images and corporate spaces through the use of modern lighting solutions. One of the latest technologies taking the world by storm is the use of Semi-Transparent LED displays. We at is committed in bringing the latest technologies to your businesses. Hence, as the leader in LED technology used for advertising and marketing, we have taken the pioneering step to bring Semi-Transparent LED displays to the market. Our Semi-Transparent LED displays are specifically made and designed for your business where they are ideal for the entertainment-related sectors as well as for outdoor advertising. We have partnered with the top LED manufacturing companies from Korea, Germany and China where our Semi-Transparent LEDs come with the following attributes:

  • Elegant and lightweight
  • Less than 20mm wide, our semi-transparent
  • Multi-purpose
  • Waterproof and robust
  • High Transparency with clear images

Elegant and lightweight

Our semi-transparent LED displays are very lightweight, making them easy to mobilize and modified when required. Depending on your business needs, you can customize the shape and size to suit the space that they will be installed. Most of our semi-transparent LED displays are less than 20mm wide. The housing used to contain the semi-transparent LED displays is specifically designed to project an elegant and professional outlook. This design can be catered to suit your business needs to reflect the appropriate corporate identity.


As mentioned, our semi-transparent LED displays would be ideal to be used in various industries. Due to its elegant and aesthetics, the display panels would be best used in the entertainment industry like stage shows, cinemas, clubs and pubs. As our semi-transparent LED displays can be customized and designed for any business premise, this product can be used in many other types of businesses where they can be incorporated with other technologies and devices as well.

Waterproof and robust

In designing the best LED products for our customers, we work and collaborate only with the best manufacturers in the world. Through this, we have sourced and identified the most technological advanced partners in Korea, China and Germany to produce LED products which are robust and do not break down easily. On top of that, these displays are designed to withstand any type of weather conditions. They are waterproof and have undergone the relevant testing and quality checks.

High Transparency with clear images

As the name implies, the Semi-Transparent LED displays are made with high transparency levels. This will give you the elegance that your business deserves when it is not active. When the display is switched on, the images are crystal clear and bright enough to be used under any type of lighting, making them ideal for use in stage designs, interiors of bars and restaurants as well as for media facades and panels.
3Flexible LED Curtain Screen
Flexible LED Curtain is one of the most revolutionary LED-based product to be made available recently. As a premier supplier of LED Curtain display in Malaysia, we have sourced from and worked with the top LED manufacturers around the region to make this product affordable and cost-effective to help your advertising needs. Flexible LED Curtain displayare very effective because they can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments. This is one product which will surely take the market by storm because it is a very exciting option which, as the name implies is very flexible. This means that the product is very versatile in which it can be ‘bent’ and rolled up to save space and for mobility purposes. This product is best used in public spaces if your business welcomes a lot of customers and wants a new and modern design of advertising display. Perhaps the most suitable places that the Flexible LED curtain can be used are in entertainment outlets like discotheques, theatres, cinemas and such. Alternatively, these screens are ideal for exhibitions, roadshows and events because they are easy to move about. When working with us, you will enjoy the best products and the highest service quality. Among the features of our Flexible LED Curtain are:

Bright and clear
Quality and Maintenance

Our Flexible LED Curtain display can be customized to suit your business needs. Whether it is a large or small area, we can tailor it to fit into these spaces perfectly.

Bright and clear

Our LED curtain screens are sourced only from the best manufacturers in the region. We work together to develop LED curtain screens which are bright enough for the day and clear enough for the night, attractive viewers from a distance.

Quality and Maintenance

As mentioned, we only engage the top manufacturers before delivering our products to you. In doing so, we collaborate with technological companies in Korea, Germany and China so that our products are of the highest quality. To ensure that you have no doubts with us, we will be involved in the maintenance of these products where required.


Depending on the needs of your business, we can cater our Flexible LED Curtain screen to suit you. Our panels come in many different colours which include red, yellow, green, blue, white, cold white and purple which can be in a single or multiple colour layout.


All our products come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturers’ defects. However, you can always contact us if you have any problems (technical and non-technical) with our Flexible LED screens.
4Waterproof standards in LED Display
LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is known to be one of the highly popular options when it comes to display and lighting. This is because this technology is known to offer high brightness and long operating lifespan to provide better return on investment. LEDs offer benefits that were not possible through the use of conventional lighting devices in the past and because of this, more and more companies are becoming aware and are starting to implement LEDs. One of the major advantages of LED is that they are very ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. This is because LED lights are very bright which can capture the audience in the day and very illuminating at night. If used indoors, the LED is often much protected as they are not exposed to sunlight and other weather conditions.

For LEDs that operate outdoors, there is a need for them to be built using strong material and to be waterproof. Where this is concerned there are industry specifications when it comes to these devices being waterproof. LEDs, like any other type of electrical device use the IP Code which is short for Ingress Protection. This is a rating which is sometimes called International Protection Code as well in which they illustrate how well a certain device is protected from the environment in terms of solid objects. The IP Code is very important because if one knows how to read the code, it tells how well the device can withstand the likes of dust and even human contact. LEDs are usually housed within an electrical enclosure and the IP Code is used to define how waterproof these casing can be. The most commonly adopted standards used in LED are IP30, IP65 and IP68. This code is read in 2 parts, namely the first and second digit. By understanding this code, the word waterproof becomes more clearly defined. In this context, the first digit of the code refers to the level of protection against solid ingress of the LED enclosure.

In IP 30, it means that the system is protected against anything which is more than 2.5mm like thick wires. Meanwhile, the second digit refers to the liquid ingress protection. The rule of thumb here is that the higher the second digit is, the better its resistance against water with 0 being the least and 8 being the highest. In the IP30 device, the second digit is a ‘0’ which means that it is NOT WATERPROOF. This means that this LED device should only be used indoors because there is no protection whatsoever against water which will immediately damage the device. For the IP65 LED, it is protected against strong water currents like water jets which will not affect the device in any way. For the IP68, the LED equipment is designed to be extremely strong and can counter any type of water condition. It means that the equipment is hermetically sealed and can be used for ‘continuous immersion’ in water. With its bright lighting ability, LEDs designed with IP68 are very suitable for use even for aquariums or submerged into water.