We are committed to bring the best product offerings to our customers because that is our very philosophy in this business. Through our partnership with RS LED, the leading manufacturer of LED products from China through the Rishang brand, we are able to offer some of the best and more affordable options for our customers.

For BigBright, our promise is to offer only products that are relevant for our customers. Our prices are highly competitive and we offer value-for-money options. Through our partnership with RS LED, we are able to bring the best LED modules to the market.

Our LED products can be used in all types of environment and business. Whether it is a private home or a commercial building, we have the right product range to suit your needs. This is because, being Malaysian, we know our market better than anyone else.

We have a wide range of LED strips that can be used for illumination of different spaces. They can be either colored or full-white which do not require high voltage and can be easily mounted through the self-adhesive tape included.

Our LED modules are ideal for signage purposes where they can be mounted to illuminate signs and lettering through their high luminous efficacy which is bright during the day and captivating during the night.

For home owners, we have the DIY Strip Package that comes in many colors or pure-white and easily installed while our LED Rigid Bars are the best option if you are looking for consistent lighting that can be fitted into lightboxes.