BigBright is the leading supplier of LED Lighting products in Malaysia. We are the sole distributor of Rishang LED products and are constantly working with top manufacturers to bring only the best products to the market. Hence, we would like to request for a sample of your product for evaluation and review purposes. We would like to request for a unit of every product in your lighting range so that our engineers are able to test and evaluate the suitability of the product for a specific market segment. Apart from that, we would like to review if the product is suitable for a certain customer group in terms of affordability and practicality.

Request price list 
BigBright is a reputable name in the Malaysian lighting industry. We are among the strongest advocators of LED lighting products for many years and our reputation is very established. In light of this, we would like to request for a price list of your products and other components. This is to facilitate our efforts of bundling our products and services for our local market. It would be most appropriate if your esteemed organization can flourish us with a competitive price rate in order for us to calculate our costing and for better budgetary efforts especially if we plan to market our products with your components.