Please call 0126725888 if you would like to advertise in the world’s largest outdoor LED facade

led umno building advertisingAs the leader in LED digital advertising in Malaysia, has always pushed our boundaries to bring only the best products and services to our clients. In doing so, we have worked with the top orporations in Malaysia to create some of the most remarkable advertising campaigns that encompassed various sectors and media. We have been successful in most if not all the campaigns we have undertaken so far where we have acquired very valuable knowledge and experience in this sector. In our efforts to deliver the best products and services in the LED digital advertising projects to our clients, has undertaken countless projects and campaigns both directly and indirectly. The most suitable way to illustrate the capabilities of any company is through the track records. We let our actions speak louder than words where over the last few years we have been involved in countless projects and campaigns that used our own LED digital panels.

The UMNO building is one of the most visible and iconic buildings in Kuala Lumpur, standing out among other skyscrapers that create the skyline of the capital where the LED media facade blazes the night with a bright and clear video of the achievements of the party being played on the digital wraparound screen. The LED media facade mounted on the UMNO building make it the world’s largest LED display screen which provided the most amazing and extraordinary advertising media ever designed and created. Whether it is a campaign involving LED signage for a retail shop or one that wraps around a building, we have the expertise, the right team, the capable people and surely the track record to deliver only the best and what our clients require. The UMNO LED wall facade sets the record for being the largest LED panel in the world as well as one that was completed in the shortest time-frame. Today, the UMNO building remains one of the strongest stories in our portfolio due to our professionalism, diligence and reliability. Please call 0126725888 if you would like to advertise in the world’s largest outdoor LED facade Check out our LED portal for more led projects and information