LED TV Screen & Display Rental

Advertising.my brings the best and most cost-effective services into the advertising industry. Since venturing into this business segment, we have grown rapidly and steadily into becoming the leader in out of home agency in the region.

LED video panel at street light

As the leader in outdoor advertising agency in Malaysia, you will have nothing to worry about if you choose us as your partner. This is because we understand the industry very well where we have worked with companies from all business sectors in using LED lighting and display technology for advertising and promotions. In selecting your most ideal digital display & lighting technology partner, you can rest assure that we offer you only the high quality services.

Technology Savvy

We identified the best out of home partners in the world who specialized in LED lighting & display technology and worked with them to develop affordable and practical products, specifically aimed for the Malaysian market.

Decades of Outdoor Advertising Experience

We have the experience and the industry know-how in executing campaigns in LED advertising. Our client includes major companies from 5 countries which are Australia, Singapore, Korea, Germany and Malaysia.

We bring you the best

Bring your advertising platform to another level

Our knowledge in LED trucks is second to none as we have sold dozens of LED trucks and trailers in Malaysia and Australia and we are the sole distributor for the world’s best LED trailers.

Quality Guaranteed

Why people choose us?

  • We always stay ahead
  • Durable Products
  • Outstanding Support

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