Eternal Fluorescent Lighting or EFL is one of the latest technologies used in lighting sources today. This patented technology is the type of fluorescent lamp which differs from the conventional bulbs because it does no use the likes of filaments, electrodes or cathodes.

As it does not have electrodes, light is produced by EFL by using gas discharge and electromagnetic induced and that is where, as the name implies, gives the lifespan of this lighting much longer than any other types. In fact, EFLs is known to last up to 120,000 hours which means that it is almost equivalent to 5 conventional fluorescent lamps or 100 incandescent lamps.

EFL is actually not an entirely new technology as it was first introduced back in the 1800s by Nicola Tesla. However, it is only in recent years that this technology has become a lot more popular than before as the demand for longer running lights and more affordable options increases.

How it works?

EFL lights react with the phosphor used to coat the tube in order to produce light. This is similar with the method of conventional fluorescent lights which degrades with time as it uses electrodes. On the other hand, EFL do not use electrodes. In this context, EFL uses magnetic field to transmit the energy instead of electrodes, giving it a longer lifespan in general. When the electromagnetic field is created, it activates the mercury atoms in order to produce UV photons that will result in the white light.

Where are they most commonly used?

EFL lighting is very useful and suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes. As EFL lights are known to produce very bright white lights, they are most appropriate when mounted on high ceilings indoor like entertainment outlets, lecture halls and convention centres. Apart from that, they can be used in ballrooms, event halls and large buildings as well. Meanwhile, EFL lights are best used in dark places outdoors like along the roads, public parks and gardens, construction sites and on parking lots as they are highly illuminative.

What other places can they be used in?

Other places that EFL lights can be appropriate used include flood and tunnel lighting, ceiling fixtures, area lighting and on uplights.

What are the advantages of EFL lights?

EFL lights can last a lot longer than conventional fluorescent lights where 1 EFL tube is almost equivalent to 5 fluorescent changes. With this, it means that cost-effectiveness becomes a major factor for anyone to change to EFL lights. On top of that, EFL lights are brighter and more illuminative, making them ideal for use in dark areas. As it lasts for a long time, it requires minimal maintenance, making them suitable for use in hard-to-reach areas like high ceilings. is the sole supplier of one of the best EFL lighting brand in Malaysia. Color EFL’s are available as well. Please contact us for bulk prices.