offers a wide variety of advertising and marketing services having been in the industry for more than a decade. Among our most prominent products is our signage and interior designing services which encompass furnishing and indoor designing. Where this is concerned, we have offered some of the best professional design and maintenance services for our clients from both the public and private sectors respectively, deriving some of the best looking and attractive business environments around.

One of our products is the Gigantic LED Module 4X which is designed for large spaces. This product is affordable and easy to maintain, making them one of our best selling items in our inventory. If you are looking for signage and furnishing products of the best quality, we at is your best choice as we only source from the best suppliers in Korea, China and Germany. After that, we ensure that the products are customized to suit your business needs so that you pay only for what you need and nothing more. Where other suppliers and agencies usually sub-contract to others, we make them in-house to help you save on costing. On top of that, you need not have to worry about maintenance as this is included in our services too.

The Gigantic LED Module 4X is designed to be used in large spaces which comes with 4 LED light sources for clarity and visibility. The LED light sources are designed to offer high intensity and pre-spaced which means that it can be installed and used straightaway once we open it. Depending on the needs of your business, the LEDs can be programmed using multicolour RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or solid colour choices of red, blue, white, green, yellow and amber.

This product can be easily attached to a fascia or a wall using 3M double sided foam tape which when installed is very bright and easily seen. The ideal distance to fit the sign with the Gigantic LED Module 4X is at 120mm while we will apply our experience in previous projects to advice you accordingly. The good thing about the Gigantic LED Module 4X is that they can be easily combined to form a larger panel. Each chain is 2350mm and comes with 30 modules. Our experts will help you in the maintenance of the LEDs and replace faulty ones if any. As mentioned, our LEDs are only sourced from the best in the market which require very low voltage output of only 12V and 14.4W for each 30 modules chain.