The 5W LED bulb is one of the most commonly used bulbs used in homes and offices. Shaped like candlelight, this bulb is an ideal replacement for the current incandescent bulbs which has been used for many decades now. Running on LED technology, the 5W bulb offers unprecedented advantages and benefits as compared to the traditional lighting options.

The 5W is designed and made with aluminum housing which makes it strong and robust to withstand many different conditions and factors. It can be fitted in most of today’s lamps and lighting modules as they are fully compatible with the industry standards. As compared to incandescent lamps, the 5W LED bulb is a lot more energy efficient mainly because it uses electricity and not gas.

Conventional lamps use gas to heat up the filament which will then produce light while the 5W LED bulb uses electricity for illumination. As a result, the bulb projects flicker-free and constant lighting to the surface areas with warm white and yellow lights.

The 5W LED bulb is able to operate for longer hours which will be an ideal and attractive investment as it does not consume as much energy as other types of bulbs. This makes the LED option an excellent option to be used for small to medium spaces like store rooms, spot lighting and for landscapes as well.

The 5W LED bulb is commonly used for display where they are installed in galleries and retail shops for artwork and ambience. The bulb consumes very low power and is certified by CE and complies with RoHS regulations to ensure maximum safety and efficiency when used. This product comes with 5 years warranty which can operate up to 50,000 hours. With high luminous flux, it is brighter than most of other bulbs in the same category.