Our LED Downlight is one of our most popular products which are usually installed in public places as they can be very aesthetically pleasing as well as cost saving. The LED Downlight is the same type of lighting that are commonly installed in business premises in which they are known for benefits like using less electricity and lower maintenance in a long term. As one of the leaders in the industry in supplying of LED products, Advertising.com.my sources only from the best and high quality suppliers around the world. Hence, we work together with our partners and collaborate with them in terms of product development and design from Germany as well as Korea and China to bring only the best and low-cost products to our clients for their business needs.

Over the years, we have worked together with our list of highly reputable clientele who are MNCs, GLCs and SMIs from both the private and public sectors respectively. Thus, our products are seen in their business premises and spaces that range from offices to corporate places and entertainment outlets, among others. Our LED Downlight is selected as they are very durable and has very long life span. For more cost-effective solutions, your business should incorporate this new technology and not settle for anything lesser which will help you to save cost and energy.

The LED Downlight we offer is made using aluminium with white outer surface housing. They come with a beaming angle of 90 degrees and is known to be very efficient heat conductors with the panel made from transparent pixel-glass, you can be sure that they are bright, being able to transmit more than 93% of light to the surrounding areas. As compared to conventional downlights, our product is a lot more energy efficient which based on our customer’s feedback has saved a lot in their energy bills.

They come either in white or warm white colours respectively and can operate between -20 to 40 degrees Celsius making them suitable for use indoors and outdoors although the former is more recommended. As suppliers of this technology to our clients, we ensure that your premises are lighted up at all times where we provide maintenance services as well. The LED Downlight product’s lifespan is expected to run for up to 40,000 hours where you need not have to replace them as frequent as conventional downlights which have been implemented and popular previously.

LED Downlight

–          Uses aluminium material and white outer surface housing
–          Conducts heat very well
–          Beaming angle of 90 degrees
–          Panel is made from transparent pixel-glass
–          Able to transmit more than 93% of light
–          Comes in either white or warm white
–          Very energy efficient
–          Able to function between -20 to 40 degrees Celsius
–          Expected to run up to 40,000 hours
–          An ideal substitute for the conventional downlight products which is often seen in major and public spaces like restaurants, hotels and entertainment outlets.