Interior Design involves a lot of expertise and experience. At we are constantly improving our services to better offer to our clients. We have with us a team of highly trained and qualified designers who have won awards and achieved cutting-edge designs for our clients not only in terms of space management but in products as well.

This includes the design of furniture for both residential and corporate spaces as well as other accompanying products. has been known in the industry as the pioneering leader in LED technology and hence, among some of our flagship products includes lighting sources using this technology.

One of the products that we have successfully designed and implemented is our LED down lights. Down lights are commonly used in areas that want to create an environment of warm lighting. This is where the reflective element of the light would create a warm and fuzzy ambient which is ideal for homes and lounges. Our LED down lights are the most suitable option to provide this as we have designed them to be effective and aesthetically pleasing. Our LED down lights comes with the following features:


Depending on the needs and the suitability of the environment, you can adjust the LED down lights accordingly. They are dimmable where the brightness can be adjusted while the intensity can be changed as well.


We have a wide range of ready-made designs of LED down lights for you to choose from. They come in various colours and shapes while if necessary, we can customize the design for you.


We have a team of qualified and experienced technical personnel who will install the lights for you. This include the initial design of the circuitries and cabling while our personnel will be standby for any technical support or issues.