The market today is ready for new technological advances and right in the forefront of this environment are those who have embraced them which has been doing for more than 10 years now. One of the latest additions to our list of reputable and high quality product line is our LED Fluorescent Tube which is the way forward for lighting solutions.

Our LED Fluorescent tubes are sourced through our partners from Germany, Korea and China with which we have collaborated in the development of the technologies and features. The tubes are made in the configurations of 1200mm and 600mm and are commonly seen as replacements for many of today’s lighting products that used to apply the more traditional cathode Fluorescent tubes.

While the conventional tubes are cheaper and more affordable, you will enjoy more savings with LED fluorescent tubes as they are easier to maintain and requires lower charges in the long-run. As one of the pioneers of this technology, we have developed and delivered this product to major corporations both in the private and public sectors in which we offer installation and maintenance services too.

Our products are sourced from the best materials, making them more durable and suitable for use in types of environments. In our LED Fluorescent tubes, there is no need for ballasts, starters or capacitors and the light is directly powered up from an electric supply usually in 240v electricity stream.

Among the known benefits of our LED Fluorescent tubes is that they can be easily fitted by any certified contractor as they are about the same as how the cathode tubes used to be. There are 3 colours available which are warm white, cool white and daylight and are all dimmable when required.

Using voltage of 110-130V or 200-240V, we have received feedback from our previous customers of cost-savings in terms of electricity overhead as the tubes have gone through a quality control testing system to last up to 50,000 hours. The tubes have over 800 LM luminous fluxes and you will enjoy low heat and bright lighting facilities after installation. As we have been involved in this sector for more than 10 years, we have worked with some of the largest companies who incorporated our LED fluorescent tubes and with that, we will be able to bring our experience and expertise to the table, thereby helping you to save cost in the long run with some of our best products.