LED technology used in lighting is fast becoming a common standard and preference among consumers and space owners. This is because LED lighting modules are known to offer a lot more benefits than conventional light bulbs like fluorescent and incandescent products.

Where this is concerned, LED lights are available in many variations and types. They are supplied in ready-to-use components as well as modules that can be incorporated into larger-sized products. One of these products is the LED Matrix Lighting module.

The LED Matrix Lighting Module can be used for many purposes where it is a perfect choice to be used for signage and light-box signage. Among its features include:


The LED Matrix Lighting Module can be used for several types of environments that require the use of signage or light-boxes. These boxes can then be mounted both indoor and outdoor or any other environments required.


As it is designed in a matrix layout, this module can be customized in terms of size where it can be used independently or joined together to form a larger module. Apart from that, the color of the lighting can be further expanded and designed to reflect the most suitable ambience for the space owner.

Energy Efficient

The LED Matrix module is designed to be the replacement for fluorescent tubes used previously in light box and signage. This is mainly because LED technology is a lot more energy efficient where it does not consume as much electricity while offering longer operating hours. Unlike fluorescent tubes, the LED matrix component is designed to fully utilize energy for illumination purposes which makes a lot of difference in overheads like utility bills.


Using LED matrix modules will reflect a contemporary design for the business in which this component can be used for both single and double-face signage. This module is very versatile where it can be mounted onto walls or fascia of a structure or as a standalone component, offering a very positive and impressive outlook for the business and the space owner.

Quality Product

The LED matrix module is a mercury-free product which comes with no-delay startup. The illumination is pleasing to the eyes, offering flicker-free output and is certified by CE and is RoHS compliant. Installation of the product is easy and hassle-free and a warranty of 2 years provided to ensure that this product is able to operate at its optimal level at all times throughout the duration of its lifespan.