Description :5000*12mm, 5050SMD LED, 60 LEDs/m, 12V DC, constant
voltage, waterproof flexible strip with PVC casing.

Suitable for cove and contour lighting etc. in KTV, hotel, shopping
mall, home, cabinet and so on. Can be used in indoor or outdoor.

1. 5050SMD LED mounted;
2. Adopt PVC casing extrusion technology. Better protection, little
color temperature drifting and high light transmittance (>90%);
3. UL94-V0 Flame retardant rating;
4. Certification:CE ,RoHS.

1. Used the dedicated installation buckle. Easy installation and reliable fixed;
2. Many installation and fixing options available with the minimum
bending diameter as 5cm[1.96in]. Please assemble the dedicated end cup with waterproof processing if the product cut
at the printed marks;

3 years or 13,000 hours, whichever comes first

Technology Review

In the lighting and electrical sector, LED technology is recognized as the best solution for current lighting systems in the near future. One of the products which has become an industry standard in recent years is the LED strip. Coming in several configurations and specifications, LED strips provide bright illumination usually within an enclosure to create the ambience of the specific environment.

The LED strip is a flexible strip which is designed with LED bulbs mounted. They are very versatile where they can be used as a single piece or combined in a longer stretch for larger areas.


The LED strip offer unprecedented and constant brightness in areas that they are installed in. It is a lot brighter than conventional lights and illuminates more evenly throughout the location.


This product comes in several colored bulbs. It is possible to choose only 1 color or a combination of several colors. On top of that, the intensity of each color stream can be adjusted accordingly.


Depending on the size of the location, the LED strip can be customized in terms of distance between each bulb and the number of bulbs required.


The most ideal location to install the LED strip is along the enclosure of the plaster ceilings. Designed with self-adhesive tape behind the strip, the space can be beautifully illuminated easily. The LED strip is ideal for these locations as they can be bent and customized in terms of length and shape.