LED screen for rent in Malaysia

Advertising.my is one of biggest players in the region when it comes to LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting and display systems. Since we were established more than 15 years ago, we have continuously brought cutting-edge and new ways of advertising and marketing to the industry, which include the use of LEDs. Today, Advertising.my not only provides LED advertising services in terms of planning and booking, but we have providers in providing LED videos for rental as part of our excellent services. This is one of the most ideal services which can help our clients achieve more impressions particularly during events and roadshows.

Why buy if you can rent?

In any LED rental business, Advertising.my is now one of the more preferred partners in terms of design and supply of video system and equipment. Our partner’s LED video displays can be used both indoor and outdoor where we can customize them to suit your business needs.

Whether you need to have a display system as an Anniversary Backdrop, stage design for your annual dinner or as a display set for messages during events and roadshows, we have the right LED that you can use. Over the years, Advertising.my has worked with and worked in countless projects where we supplied LEDs on short and middle-term rental to large corporations during their anniversary celebrations and other events.

Outdoor LED display for rent in Malaysia

Our LEDs are designed and made only from the world renowned suppliers where they come with very bright playback and clear images. We have designed stages and backdrops for international concerts, festivals and any other events where the LEDs can be used.

Among the areas that we have designed in the past include visual presentation, goal post truss, audio and video equipment, LED lighting presentations, concert stages as well as digital backdrops. This makes our services extremely effective as they can be used for events like international and local presentation, conferences and exhibitions, celebratory events like birthdays, anniversaries both on national and local levels, opening and closing ceremonies, award shows and presentations and very prominently, corporate dinners.

Other areas where our LED video screens have been rented and used either as backdrops or for display include fashion shows, anniversary celebrations, product launches and used in retreats like outdoor family days and such by corporate companies. Renting our LED display panels is very cost-effective. This is because at an affordable rate, your business will now be able to enjoy the maximum leverage where you will not be purchasing the LED panels. By renting, you do not have to be concerned about the maintenance of the panels or devices. You can now leave the maintenance to the provider.

By renting from our partners, we will ensure that you have the peace of mind in which we will have our technical specialists on standby in case of technical support or any other issues. On top of that, we will assist you on the type of contents to be loaded, design issues as well as any other matters related to using the LED video displays for your event.