There are many types of LED lights that can be used for a variety of reasons and purposes. This includes lighting for general illumination, decoration, interior design and any others, and using LED technology would be an ideal option as it can directly replace conventional modules which are very energy consuming.

LED wall washer is one of the modules that can be used mainly for decorative purposes. As the name implies, LED wall washers practically ‘washes’ the entire surface with a specific color output by the bulb which creates a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing outlook for the space.

Where this is concerned, LED wall washer is a perfect option for buildings and structures with large walls or fascia and using this product will create perfect ambience for the business. Among the benefits of using LED wall washers include:


This is the most distinctive factor in using the LED Wall Washer as it creates a positive outlook and a contemporary design of the wall which can be used both indoor and outdoor.


Using LED technology means that the wall washer is very cost-effective as they are designed to be energy efficient. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LED bulbs are made to apply the current mainly for illumination purposes. Apart from that, they will only consume a fraction of the electricity used by traditional bulbs. LED wall washer lights do not emit as much heat as conventional modules which in return do not require as much energy as well.


Using LED Wall Washers can have a lot of possibilities. The LED wall washer module are usually designed in varying lengths which means that the space owner is able to customize in terms of size as well as color to reflect the corporate image of the company.


This module is specially catered to be installed in all types of environments. LED wall washers are usually mounted outdoors on the side of buildings and as decorative lights for the structure’s walls and façades. Apart from that, the LED wall washer can be used indoors at front offices, hotel lobbies, cinemas, entertainment outlets and many other commercial spaces.

Industry Ready

LED wall washers are designed to be used in the market as they are industry and market ready. Certified by CE and complying with RoHS regulations, the LED wall washers are made under international waterproof ratings and are usually compatible with most brackets and fittings in the market today.