The use of lightbox in signage is one of the most popular ones because they are affordable, economical and often regarded as very effective despite many new technologies that are around today. Lightboxes are very economical as they do not require very sophisticated wiring or cabling and they can be installed easily without much intervention once they are operational.

Over the years, we at has been involved in many areas of above and below the line advertising services where designing and installing lightboxes are among some of our area of expertise. We have provided lightbox-related products where one of our primary products is in the lighting system. Through our range of products and services, we are able to provide the following:

Quality – we use the latest technology and products in terms of lighting for lightbox signage. This is where we work with the most established suppliers and manufacturers of lighting in the market today to ensure that the lightboxes produce the best results and effectiveness and use only parts and materials of the best quality.

Design – we have a team of highly qualified and trained professional designers who will assist you in the design and drafting of your signage. Our engineers will ensure that the lighting system is channeled efficiently for maximum impact and minimum problems. On top of that, our team of technical personnel will be involved in the installation and further support if needed.

Technology – where this is concerned, we implement only the best and current technologies in the lighting of lightbox signage. We ensure that your investment is protected and for maximum return on investment by adopting technologies like LED lighting so that you will not be burdened by electricity bills that are too high. In a long run, you will enjoy longer lasting lights, brighter illumination and surely lesser overheads.

Feel free to contact us for lightbox lighting design and production. We are experts in this field.

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