The P4 LED display module is designed specifically for use for indoor displays. It is made to offer HD (high-definition) display to provide the clearest and best quality of images. The P4 LED screen uses a similar technology like that which is used on a typical computer.

P4 LEDs are designed to create the colours that can be derived through the 3 primary colors of Red, Green and Blue. On top of that, it can display full color dynamics because each unit is made up of the 3 coloured LED lamps.

Support most Media types – This LED display is able to support various types of display sources that include DVI, HDMI, 3G HD SD and others as well connect to sources like DVD players, television or satellite video sources and even live streaming data.

Thin and robust – The P4 LED display module comes with a 4mm pixel pitch which uses a large-scale integrated circuit design. They are usually enclosed within an aluminum die-casted casing which can curb the problem of heat dissipation. They can be built into strong enclosures or cabinets that are specifically designed for your business to set the positive impression with your customers. You can then manage and adjust all the elements within the P4 module.

Customizable – As the P4 LED screen is a made-for indoor panel, it can be customized to fit in most commercial spaces. This could be a typical LED screen that displays information and advertisements or used as a digital signage to convey branding and business information to the customers. Hence, the P4 Indoor LED module are excellent choices for entertainment outlets, hotels lobbies, casinos, airports or any other public spaces with high traffic of people.

Viewing angle – P4 LED screens provide a variety of viewing angle and elevation in which when placed accordingly ensures that the customer is able to view the screen from any angle within the specific range. In these situations, the image or video is not deformed and there is no compromise on the quality. In this context, it must be noted that LEDs are known to function for long periods of time in which they can run for years with very consistent quality of output.

Adjustment – This type of LED module provides very powerful image processing capabilities. Apart from the RGB intensity, you can change the parameters like the Gamma Curve and other factors according to your needs.