is the leading agency when it comes to out-of-home advertising. Throughout the years, we have been involved in many areas of advertising with a strong focus and emphasis in lighting of signage and other display panels. We have worked in hundreds of projects in which we apply the latest industrial technologies into advertising signage around the country, bringing maximum exposure and visibility to our clients and their ads and subsequently providing them with the best return on investment ratio.

In signage lighting, we have worked in projects of different scales where we were involved in lighting of mega-structures like billboards and unipoles as well as in smaller poster-size panels as well. Through this, we have cultivated a lot of experience and related knowledge on signage lighting both as a media owner and for our clients. Among the features of our offerings include:

Track record – has a proven track record of installing the most effective lighting systems for signage. Our products are used by major media owners while our own media channels are among the most preferred media of advertising as they are highly visible, captivating and effective

Technology – we work only with the best and reputable suppliers of LED lighting technologies from the region. Before using the lighting products, we test them and ensure that they pass CE, cURus, ROHS and CQC quality systems in order to gain the confidence of our clients. We adopt new and current technologies like LED signboard lighting which is known for low power consumption and long-lasting operation features.

Professional – we have an all-round and complete team of professionals to assist us in the entire process. Our signboard or lightbox designers are among the best industry practitioners around while we have a team of highly capable engineers who are involved in circuitry design and layout testing of the LED lighting system to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

Feel free to contact us for signboard or lightbox lighting design and production. We are experts in this field.

We only use top LED modules, LED rigid bars and LED strips from